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Privacy Policy
Effective date: January 31, 2018

Thank you for visiting (The Company).  The Company provides this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to describe the way we access, collect, and use your personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) when you access our website and its affiliated social media accounts, newsletters, and other publication (collectively the “Site”). By viewing, accessing, or using the Site in any way (whether or not you register for an Account or purchase any product), you represent that you have read and agreed to be bound in full by this Privacy Policy, the Site’s Shipping and Refund policy, and the Site’s Terms of Service.

1)      Collection of Personal Information

  1. a)      We may collect Personal Information from you when you visit the Site, purchase products from the Company, or contact the Company. This Personal Information may include:
  2. i)       your IP address and other automatically collected details about your computer or mobile device;
  3. ii)     information about how you use and interact with the Site, including your shopping history;

iii)   your name;

  1. iv)   your billing and mailing address;
  2. v)      your email address;
  3. vi)   your phone number;

vii) payment information, such as your credit card information; and

viii)           information you submit to the Company when you email, call, or otherwise contact us.

2)      Use of Personal Information

  1. a)      We will generally retain the Personal Information we have collected but may delete some or all of it at certain times. We will use the Personal Information we have collected for the following purposes:
  2. i)       to optimize your experience while on the Site;
  3. ii)     to process orders, to notify you about your order, and to track your orders and order history;

iii)   to email you about our products and the Company;

  1. iv)   to process orders using your credit card or other payment information;
  2. v)      to verify your identity;
  3. vi)   send you a Site newsletter;

vii) to ship purchased products to you;

viii)           to provide you with customer and technical support as requested;

  1. ix)   to track Site usage and performance such methods as are more thoroughly described in Section 4 of this Privacy Policy; and
  2. x)      to disclose your Personal Information to the extent necessary to comply with legal requests and requirements.

3)      Use of Site by Minors

  1. a)      The Site is not intended for, nor marketed to, children under the age of 13. We will delete any Personal Information inadvertently collected from children younger than 13. Please contact us if you believe we have such information.

4)      Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

  1. a)      The Site may use cookies, log files, clear .gif files, heatmaps, and other analytical tools to track your usage of the Site and to remember your preferences. These small files only give us information about your device and use of our Site. You may be able to disable the use of cookies and other such files through your web browser, but please note that doing so may disable some of the Site’s functionality.

5)      Security of Personal Information

  1. a)      We value the security and integrity of your Personal Information and utilize a number of security measures, including electronic, managerial, and physical safeguards, to reduce the risk of disclosure of Personal Information. However, we do not guarantee that data you transmit cannot be accessed, altered or deleted. It is impossible to guarantee the complete safety or privacy of data you submit to, or share with, the Company, and you acknowledge and agree that the Company will not be responsible for any damage incurred as a result of any data breach or loss.
  2. b)     When browsing the Site, you may encounter links to other third party websites, applications, and downloads. We have no control over the content of these third party links. Thus, we make no representations or warranties as to the protection and privacy of any information which you may share with third parties. You acknowledge and agree that, if you visit these third party links, you do so at your own risk.

6)      Modification of Privacy Policy

  1. a)      This Privacy Policy, the Shipping and Refund Policy, and the Privacy Policy may be modified or replaced at any time. The effective date of the most recent document will be written in the respective document. You agree to be bound by the most recent version of any Terms, Shipping and Refund Policy, or Privacy Policy posted on the Site.

7)      Contact Us

  1. a)      We encourage comments and questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please contact us by calling the customer service number located on the Site.